Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back on the coast

After a two year European hiatus I find myself back on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.
A return to work, rent and reality. But it doesn't take too long to realise and remember all the things I missed and enjoyed. Here's a small tip of the hat to being back home.

 A clear sunny QLD summer day is rarer than you might think. Lapping it up.
 Bottles in brown paper bags. Peregian Originals.
 The resurrection (and later destruction) of a board that doesn't want to die.
 A van. A tarp. A shopping trolley. Life's essentials.
 Cheeky shadow. Wattego's, Byron Bay.
 Byron nights.
 Pimp my van.
 Black dog. White feather.
 Night sequence courtesy of myself and Jack Bailey's extraordinary lighting techniques.
 Electric wave. Broken Head, Byron Bay.
 Byron ghosts.
 Zinc check. Broken Head, Byron Bay.
Chai Tea Tuesdays.

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